1.   What is Final Finish®Hydrographics?  
      Hydrographic decoration is a process that allows various printed designs to be applied to a variety of objects.

2.  What can be decorated using the Final Finish®process?
     Our hydrographic process allows you to customize and differentiate almost anything. If it can be painted and submerged in water, it can be dipped. From car parts, firearms, furniture, and phone accessories to something as ordinary as a light switch plate. If you can imagine it, you can dip it.

3.  What is Final Finish®?
     Final Finish® is the registered trademark for our patented hydrographic process.

4.  Where can I get my commercial products decorated.
     We invite you to contact us to discuss your project so we may help you contact the best processor for your needs.

5.  Where can I get training for hydrographic decoration?

     We offer training to facilitate the DIYer as well as the commercial processor.  Please shop our store for details.

6.  Can something be re-dipped if I don’t like how it turned out?

7.  What type of water is used in the hydrographics process?
     Regular tap water is used for the hydrographics process as well as rinsing decorated parts.

8.  How can I determine the basecoat color to a specific pattern?
     Great question! For all patterns with a standard case coat, we will include a paint chip that is coated with the recommended base color.

9. Does hydrographic film need to be stored at a certain temperature and humidity?

     We recommend film (when not being used) be stored at 65 °F (+/- 5°F) and an overall humidity level of 55% (+/- 5%).